08 December 2009

Getting it in before the rain

I got a new camera for my birthday and wanted to shoot a little video of my route that I take at work to reduce a little stress and get some training in. This is part of a 20 mile out and back route that I take.

The old brick farm house is just about a mile outside of Blackstone and is own by a Doctor.

Today the weather was against me. About 39 degrees with a light rain. I was nice an cold by the time I got back to my office!


Dan O said...

Looks pretty rural in your area - nice. Cool old farmhouse also.

Bikewright said...

Work is about 42 miles from the house and about 15-20 mins it starts to look like this. I have a couple of routes out there. This one is about the best.

The only thing I worry about is the old country dogs.