10 November 2009

Made In America, Part 5 ALOKSAK

LOKSAK, Inc. of Park City, Utah is the inventor and manufacturer of the aLOKSAK® and OPSAK storage bags and SPLASHSAK carrying cases.

I have been using aLOKSAK® resealable element-proof storage bags for about the last two years. I would have to say that if you need a resealable plastic bag to make sure your most important gear stays dry, then your search is over.

The bags come in sizes ranging from 5X4 to 32X16 and will protect everything from TP to a rifle.Some of the most common uses for the bags are protecting toilet paper, maps, notebooks, first aid items, and the most important item my wallet.

So how much do they cost? A 5X4 3pk starts at $6.39 and the 32X16 2pk runs $15.99. But since keeping your gear dry is priceless I say it's a small price to pay!

Check them out here

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DavidR said...

These are great products. I have a bigger version that I use when hanging a bear bag. They advertise there products as being smell proof as well so this use works well.