24 September 2009

Made In America, Part 4 Fox River Socks

Can you believe it? That's right,two back-to-back post on socks!This time it is Fox River. Fox River has been around for the last 100 years and they are now operating out of Osage, Iowa.

Picture above on the right is the Wick Dry Maximum Military Boot Sock and is price at $12.50 and on the left I think is the Wick Dry Off Road QTR and is price at $10.99. Now as with the Wigwam socks in the previous post there is nothing sexy about these socks. There is no cool logo! They just do there job.

The Wick Dry Maximum is the sock that I wear at work and they are not issued to me. I have to buy these! They are great socks and they dry fast. If Wigwam made a sock in this color I would use them as boot socks as well.

The Off Road QTR works the same way and I use them as part of my Team Kit. I used them in the Mountain Cross event I did a few weeks ago and they did fine.

One of the problems that I was having with thin running or cycling socks was that I had to wear the same type sock with the shoe that I was fitted with. So if I got a pair of shoes in the summer I could not use a heavier sock with them in the winter time. With Fox River & Wigwam all their socks fit about the same.

Go here Fox River to check them out. Fox River get the Bikewright Seal of Approval

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