23 September 2009

Made In America, Part 3 Wigwam Socks

I know not a very sexy title and one that you might overlook. In my series Made In America I am going to take a look at socks. There are three points of contact on the bike, feet,your tail,and hands. Over the years I have used Smartwool, Pearl Izumi, and other cycling brand socks.

For the past two years I have been using Wigwam socks. The first reason I tried them out was I had a pair of Smartwool socks that wore out in six months. I had great luck with their socks in the past but these just did not hold-up and for $12 that was just to much. The second reason that I tried them was they where about $2 cheaper.

Back a couple of years ago I got fitted for a pair of boots and they used the Fitsystem by Phil Oren which has been featured in Backpacker Magazine. So since it worked with hiking boots why not cycling shoes!

Pictured above are two pairs of Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Quarter socks by Wigwam. The pair on the left is after two years of everyday use. The worn out spots on the front a back of the upper part of the sock is from my cycling shoes. I would rather them wear out there than on the ball or heel of the foot. I wear this style almost year around but I do wear a crew style sock in the winter months.

Wigwam has been producing high-quality socks since 1905 in Sheboygan, WI. Check out there website Wigwam Remember that your feet are your foundation.

Wigwam socks get the Bikewright Seal of Approval!

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