25 September 2009

Hefler Performance Coaching-VO 2 max

Last month I won a drawing for a free VO 2 max test from Hefler Performance Coaching and today I had my appointment for my VO 2 max test. I am very please with the process and the results that I had. I should get a full write-up with all the charts and heart rate zones next week.

I am not looking at getting into racing that much. I just want to raise my fitness level and if I want to race I will be able to do it.

24 September 2009

Made In America, Part 4 Fox River Socks

Can you believe it? That's right,two back-to-back post on socks!This time it is Fox River. Fox River has been around for the last 100 years and they are now operating out of Osage, Iowa.

Picture above on the right is the Wick Dry Maximum Military Boot Sock and is price at $12.50 and on the left I think is the Wick Dry Off Road QTR and is price at $10.99. Now as with the Wigwam socks in the previous post there is nothing sexy about these socks. There is no cool logo! They just do there job.

The Wick Dry Maximum is the sock that I wear at work and they are not issued to me. I have to buy these! They are great socks and they dry fast. If Wigwam made a sock in this color I would use them as boot socks as well.

The Off Road QTR works the same way and I use them as part of my Team Kit. I used them in the Mountain Cross event I did a few weeks ago and they did fine.

One of the problems that I was having with thin running or cycling socks was that I had to wear the same type sock with the shoe that I was fitted with. So if I got a pair of shoes in the summer I could not use a heavier sock with them in the winter time. With Fox River & Wigwam all their socks fit about the same.

Go here Fox River to check them out. Fox River get the Bikewright Seal of Approval

23 September 2009

Made In America, Part 3 Wigwam Socks

I know not a very sexy title and one that you might overlook. In my series Made In America I am going to take a look at socks. There are three points of contact on the bike, feet,your tail,and hands. Over the years I have used Smartwool, Pearl Izumi, and other cycling brand socks.

For the past two years I have been using Wigwam socks. The first reason I tried them out was I had a pair of Smartwool socks that wore out in six months. I had great luck with their socks in the past but these just did not hold-up and for $12 that was just to much. The second reason that I tried them was they where about $2 cheaper.

Back a couple of years ago I got fitted for a pair of boots and they used the Fitsystem by Phil Oren which has been featured in Backpacker Magazine. So since it worked with hiking boots why not cycling shoes!

Pictured above are two pairs of Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Quarter socks by Wigwam. The pair on the left is after two years of everyday use. The worn out spots on the front a back of the upper part of the sock is from my cycling shoes. I would rather them wear out there than on the ball or heel of the foot. I wear this style almost year around but I do wear a crew style sock in the winter months.

Wigwam has been producing high-quality socks since 1905 in Sheboygan, WI. Check out there website Wigwam Remember that your feet are your foundation.

Wigwam socks get the Bikewright Seal of Approval!

16 September 2009

The Rogue Promoter - bicycling.com

The Rogue Promoter - bicycling.com

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I was reading the Chesterfield Observer tonight and there was an article on the SportsQuest complex to break ground on DEC 15. The complex will encompass 27 sport facilities one of which will be a velodrome.

After reading the article it's cool to see this happening.I have not made it out to any of the races but I hope Virginia becomes a bigger hot spot for cycling!

13 September 2009

Catching Up!

Things here at Bikewright land have been very busy since my mountain cross event! Let's see, we had Labor Day, my son passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review, two more Eagle Scout projects for the last two weekends, and my son purchased with help his first car!

I recovered from the mountain cross event but my bike did not. I managed to bend my WTB SST.K saddle and loosen the axle on the rear wheel. I think this was due to the wheel was a little out of dish. But I am not a wheel expert!

I have been sporting these WTB saddles for about 12 years. They work and I like them. So I guest if the saddle bent after 12 years it's time to get a new one. Just this time I am not going to get a NOS SST saddle off of Ebay! I bought three and I bent two of those in under 500 miles. So my LBS hooked me up with one of the WTB Test Ride saddles. I am trying out a Rocket and so far I like it. I think I will give it another week.

A bicycle is truly a simple machine. But for most folks having to work and fix their bike is a challenging task. You would almost think that they where having to work on the Space Shuttle and the best thing to do is let the experts at mission control fix it. I like working on my bike and I can almost take care of anything that needs fixing on the bike. But the one thing I can not do is wheels. So I enlist the help of my friend Dartman. As you can see from the picture payment is on the table. Dartman had to dish and true the wheel which took him no time.