27 June 2009

Taking off the bling

Needing to start somewhere, I started taking off the water bottle cages, frame pump and rear rack. The bottle cages are not the same and one has seen better days. The frame pump has a nice arc to it. The pump still works and the pump clamp has some surface rust on it. All the mounting hardware on the rack is rusted. It was pointed out on a forum that it looks like the rack is bent.

For now everything is going into a big box. I think the bottle cages will go up on the pegboard to hold an old water bottle that I can put small items in. I think a good replacement will be King Cages http://www.kingcage.com. As for the Zefal HP frame pump, I am either going to have to find one or go with another brand or go without. They do not make it anymore and most of their pumps come in black.I am up in the air on the Vetta rack. Vetta no longer makes bicycle racks.

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