28 June 2009

It's on the stand !

This afternoon I had sometime to start taking the bike apart. The Vetta SL saddle is shot. The right seat rail was bent and there was rust on the rails. The seatpost is a Kalloy 26.6 and is marked-up a bit.
The rear wheel has a Shimano MF-Z012 5 speed 14X28 freewheel which was an surprise to me. I knew that this was the second freewheel on the bike, but I was thinking it was a Suntour freewheel. I did a little research on the web and found out that I will be able to source these. The Suntour freewheels are a little harder to find.
I did a little cleaning on the front and rear D and could not find a name on them. I guest I will have to search those too. Also found out that the barrel adjuster on the right brake is broken.

27 June 2009

Taking off the bling

Needing to start somewhere, I started taking off the water bottle cages, frame pump and rear rack. The bottle cages are not the same and one has seen better days. The frame pump has a nice arc to it. The pump still works and the pump clamp has some surface rust on it. All the mounting hardware on the rack is rusted. It was pointed out on a forum that it looks like the rack is bent.

For now everything is going into a big box. I think the bottle cages will go up on the pegboard to hold an old water bottle that I can put small items in. I think a good replacement will be King Cages http://www.kingcage.com. As for the Zefal HP frame pump, I am either going to have to find one or go with another brand or go without. They do not make it anymore and most of their pumps come in black.I am up in the air on the Vetta rack. Vetta no longer makes bicycle racks.

26 June 2009

1986 Bridgestone MB-1Restoration Project

I figured since I have been reading other peoples blogs for the last year, and having restoration project would be a good place as any for me to start a blog. After restoring my 1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp last year it sparked an interest in restoring retro bikes. I think am more about keeping the spirit of the bike than keeping it original. The Bonty is my everyday rider, so am also into riding the bicycles than just keeping them in the garage and bring them out on a nice sunny day and looking at them.

I received my project bike as a Father's Day gift from my wife. A friend of mine bought this Bridgestone from a bike shop off of Forest Hill Ave. in Richmond VA. back in 1986. I didn't know until last year that he had the bike.The Bridgestone is all original other than the rear 5 speed freehub the rings on the crank and the tires. So I think for the time being the bike will stay original.

I will be posting the process of the project on here. One is for me to look back I what I did. But to also inspire others to do the same.